Winter 2021 Grades

Grades for the Winter competitions have been reviewed based on your requests and feedback. There have been quite a number of changes to accomodate the requests and also to avoid clashes where players are playing in multiple teams. Many teams have informed me how they have a weaker team then last season so should go down grades, given there were so many of you it is likely that teams in your grade are all in the same position meaning everyone has weaker teams. As a result of this Wednesday Mixed Div 2 is now Div 2/3 combined, Thursday Men’s Div 1 is now Div 1/2 combined – both will split for finals.

Thursday Mens - Grades - v1 - 21042021
Tuesday Mixed - Grades - v1 - 21042021
Wednesday Mixed - Grades - v1 - 21042021

If you are wondering why you team may have been moved when you didn’t request it, it is likely to avoid player clashes. I have also reviewed the grades against times for the draw in order to mimise players clashes, unfortunately it is impossible to avoid all of them. The following teams have players clashes due to grades or game times clashing:

Tuesday Mixed

  • Div 2 – We Got the Runs and How I Tagged Your Mother
  • Div 2 – TagTeam and Revengers
  • Div 7 – The Antagonizers and Slayers
  • Div 4 – Wolf Pack and Ready To Roll

Wednesday Mixed

  • Div 2 – Scoregasm and Roosters
  • Cant’ Tag (Div 5) and 2 Arsy (Div 4)
  • Div 4 – Go Tag Yaself and 2 Arsy

Thursday Men

  • Div 1 – The Gryphons and More Chilli
  • Ball Runners (Div 4) and Rovers (Div 3)

The only way to avoid any of the above clashes is for one of the teams to go UP grades. If any team wants to do this to avoid the clash please let me know ASAP. Any players who have registered into teams that clash can obtain a refund for one of the teams, or transfer to a different team.

We will monitor the results over the first few rounds and make any changes we feel necessary. This includes moving teams up grades, even from Div 2 to Div 1 regardless of rep players in teams.

The draw will be out this Friday (23rd) evening.