Winter 2021 – Draft Grades

Draft grades for the Winter competitions are below.

Thursday Mens - Grades - v1 - 21042021
Tuesday Mixed - Grades - v1 - 21042021
Wednesday Mixed - Grades - v1 - 21042021

Grading has been done based on a number of factors including:

  • Past performances
  • Team members
  • Rep players
  • Avoiding clashes for players in multiple teams
  • Structures required for fields and referee’s
  • Requested grade

When looking at grades please consider the above and the fact that we have to fit all teams into the structures. Once again there are plenty of new teams and players, these have been slotted in where we think they should be. We will monitor results as per past seasons and regrade where we believe it necessary. Generally we will wait a ocuple of reounds before looking at any re-grading so we can assess a number of performances. We will also review grading after Round 5 for 6 team comps and Round 7 for 8 team comps (this is after everyone has played each other once).

When looking at grades look at the teams around you, not just the grade you are in. Also consider that this is a winter comp and all competitions have dropped a number of teams, meaning teams need to fill up to fill the gaps. We understand that some teams may not be happy being in a higher grade, but we have to fit all teams into the competition and we use all the factors above to make a judegement on where we think teams will be.

We have also graded based on who you have in your team now, if you add new players after grades are finalised you may find your team regraded, especially if you try to register Rep players. There are also players playing in multiple teams who may clash, we have tried to avoid this but it has not been possible in all cases. If your team finds yourself in this position the only way to fix this is to move teams up – let us know if you fall into this boat and want to be moved up to avoid player clashes.

Also, we may have got the grading of some teams totally wrong, if you beleive this is the case or if you have any concerns regrading grading please send details via DM or to . I will also be at the fields this coming Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 8pm if you want to discuss gradings in person. Gradings will be finalised next Thursday (22nd April) so that we can get the draw done on Friday 23rd April.