Winter 2020 Update – 1st June 2020

So there is some light at the end of the tunnel and we are preparing for a resumption BUT this is all dependant on approval from Australian Oztag. All dates are tentative at the moment, but we are getting the comp organised so we can start back ASAP once approval is given.
As you can imagine there are numerous changes to the competition structure and how the comp will be run. Summarised below are the key points so you can decide if you want to register or not. As we get our new operational process in place we will let everyone know the changes. Our priority at the moment is to get the comp up and running as soon as possible – this comp will be shortened with the view that we will be able to return to a full Summer comp this coming Summer.
  • Scheduled Start: 7th July – subject to Australian Oztag approval
  • Competition Length: 8 weeks
  • Registration: $80 per player ($65 u/18)
  • Prizes: NO PRIZEMONEY this comp – Winners will receive clothing prize
  • Registrations Close: 21st June 2020
There will be changes to processes etc with sign-on and games, these will be communicated in coming week.
  • Registrations are now re-opened. Visit and select Register New Team or Join Team
  • All registrations are to be done ONLINE
  • Payments can be done Online or over the phone (0421448158)
  • All teams MUST HAVE a minimum of 8 players FULLY paid by 21st June otherwise will be withdrawn. NO EXCEPTIONS, with the tight time frames we do not have time to do re-grading and re-draws this season.
  • All players MUST BE full paid before they can take the field.
  • NO REGISTRATIONS on the night, you MUST BE registered and paid before a game night to be able to play on that night.
  • NO CHANGE SHIRTS, you must wear your team uniform (more info to come on this)
  • NO FILL IN PLAYERS, you must be registered in a team before you can play in that team.
There will be more information coming over the next week or so to clarify the above. Please be patient and understanding as we try to organise the competition and meet the guidelines under which we must now operate. There are substantial changes to the way in which we have to administer the competition at the fields that will impact everyone. We are finalising these shortly.
There will also be requirements that players MUST MEET to adhere to requirements around managing COVID-19, more details on these in the coming weeks.
Any players who have already registered can chose to get a refund of the rego fee difference or carry it over to a future comp.
Any questions please send us a message, email at or call on 0421448158.