WInter 2020 – Draft Grades

Draft grades for the Winter Comp can be downloaded below.

No files found in this folder.

Please keep in mind that this comp is not a normal competition due to the impact of COVID.

1. There are less teams on every night, this means less grades and less opportunity to move teams around
2. There are many new teams and players, and many teams have not returned for Winter. This means existing teams have moved up accordingly.
3. There are a number of players in multiple teams who clash, we have tried to minimise these but if they are still there players who clash they may have to withdraw from one team.

I am happy to take feedback on grades if you think your team is wrong, but given all the above factors, plus all the normal ones around past history etc changes may not be able to be made.

If you have feedback please PM on Facebook or send an email to . Grades will be finalised over the weekend and the draw will be issued early next week.