Thursday Men’s Div 1

Thanks to the players that expressed interest in playing in the Div 1 comp this year, where teams are selected from the pool rather then being entered.  We believe we have enough players entered to go ahead with the competition, although anyone else interested is more then welcome to register.  Following is a summary of what will happen.

  1. Players will need to pay the $80 entry fee ASAP.  If you have already paid for Div 1 we will organise a refund of the difference.  Players will not be advised what team they are in until they have paid their registration fee.  registration fee’s must be paid by Tuesday 7th May so that we can finalise the teams.
  2. Players will be put into a number of pools, from which the captains will then select players.  Selections will rotate so that all captains get an opportunity to select 1st from a pool.
  3. We are appointing Team Captains now, we will announce them tomorrow (2/5).  The draft of players will occur tomorrow (2/5) evening at the fields.  Captains have the option to ‘trade’ one player between teams following team selections (there are some rules around this).
  4. Round 1 will commence next Thursday (9/5).  The comp will run for 6 weeks and then there will be a Grand Final.
  5. We will then re-select the teams and run another 6 week competition with a Grand Final as well.
  6. Prize money will be given for both competitions.

The only way this will work is if all the players support it, so please get your registrations paid ASAP.  If you have not yet advised us you want to play, not an issue, please come down and see the Ladies in the office and pay your registration and we will put you in the pool.

Following is a list of the players who have already expressed interest, if you are not on the list and wish to play please contact us ASAP.  If you wish to be removed from the list, also please advise us ASAP.

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Any questions please contact us at or PM us on Facebook.