Thursday Men’s Div 1 Teams

The Captains of the Men’s Div 1 teams selected the teams last Thursday.  Thanks to all players who have paid their registration fee’s, for those that haven’t you MUST get them paid before this Thursday.  Round 1 is this Thursday at 8.40, all players need to sign on as per normal.  Any players who are not yet registered at Penrith Oztag need to arrive early and see the ladies in the Office to get their registration sorted out.  This whole concept is only going to work if all the players get behind it and support it, which means paying your registration and turning up for games every week.  The competition cannot afford to have forfeits if players decide not to turn up.

There was some interested in who the Number 1 pick was for the draft.  Each Captain got to chose their first player from the pool, the first 4 pick’s, in no particular order were Brodie Vassallo, Craig Cullen, Kenny Aumua and James Talatau.

Team: Drawn to Win

  • Jason Sproh (c)
  • Bradley Nixon
  • Kenny Aumua
  • Jamie Wozniak
  • Steve Morrison
  • Brad Casey
  • Darren Hartney
  • Jack Kenny
  • Joey Eskander
  • Sonny Rogan
  • Blake Stewart

Team: FBS

  • Brendon Hearne (c)
  • Craig Cullen
  • Dean Wassilenko
  • Dane Fysh
  • Jerome Dizon
  • Kyle Churchill
  • Dan Martin
  • Liam Clarke
  • Michael Claude Sciberras
  • Walter Wilson
  • Zac Wemmerslager

Team: GOAT Killers

  • Michael Towers (c)
  • Brodie Vassallo
  • Jordan Hooker
  • Adam Harvey
  • Ben Hutchings
  • Brad Leicester
  • Chros Kev
  • Craig Willis
  • Immanuel Bekhit
  • Joshua Rowe
  • Wayne Austin

Team: The GOATS

  • Brendan Smith (c)
  • James Talatau
  • Troy Hannaford
  • Nathaniel Tiata
  • Paul Cheshire
  • Joshua Savage
  • Nathan Scicluna
  • Nev Linford
  • Stephen Jenkins
  • Thomas Macdonald