Summer 2019/20 Draft Grades

The draft grades for the Summer 2019/20 comp are below. As per previous comps the grades are done based on numerous factors including where your team finished in previous comps, what grade you requested, age of players, number of rep players, field and referee requirements etc. We have also tried to take into account the requests of teams, and players playing in multiple teams. For teams that have played for a number of seasons we have also moved some teams around so you are playing different teams, not the same teams you have played season after season. We are also constrained this year due to some fields not being available for the whole competition. As you can see there are a lot of teams to be graded and by no means is what we have perfect. When you look at your grade consider who you have in your team, who the other teams may be and how you have gone in past comps. For new teams we, in most cases, have slotted you into a grade and will see how you go. Team performances over the first few rounds will be monitored and changes made if we feel it is necessary, we will also look at re-grading mid comp as well. There have also been Winter teams not come back for Summer, which means teams move up the grades accordingly. Please also remember that many teams have not entered all their players, therefore we have graded on what we know of the team and the players that have registered.
If you still think we have your grading totally wrong please send an email ( or PM on FaceBook. Please don’t just say it’s too high, include some reasons why you think it is wrong and we will look into it. We will also be at eh fields this coming Tuesday (17th), Wednesday (18th) and Thursday (19th) from 6pm to 8pm if you wish to discuss grading.
Once we confirm the grades after the organisers meeting we will get the draw done, there may be slight changes to grades when we do the draw to accommodate players in multiple teams or other factors.
Thursday Men will not have a PREMTAG competition. We are still finalising the Men’s Division 1 teams and there may be some changes as a result.