Summer 2019/20 Catchups – UPDATE

This the scenario as at 24th February. We are attempting to get back onto the fields this week BUT it will depend on a number of factors including Council re-opening the fields (they are still closed at this stage), getting them mowed, getting them measured and marked AND no more rain.
We will update every day this week as to what is happening but at this stage the updated schedule looks as follows:
Tuesday Mixed
  • Rd 14 – 25/2, S/F – 3/3, GF – 10/3
Wednesday Mixed
  • Rd 14 – 26/2, S/F – 4/3, GF – 11/3
Thursday Men’s
  • Rd 13 – 27/2, Rd 14 – 5/3, S/F – 12/3, GF – 19/3
Should we not get back on this week then the following will occur
  • Tuesday and Wednesday Mix will shift back another week
  • Thursday Men’s Rd 13 will be CANCELLED
We do not like cancelling games and only do so in extreme circumstances, but we have limited time to complete the competition (we have to be finished by 19th March). We have used up the wet weather weeks allocated, and have even added another week on. Hopefully we can get on this week, even if just for Thursday so we don’t have to cancel the round, but as I said it depends on the factors above.
And before people ask, there is not enough time to play double headers on Sundays or any other way to make up the round IF it is cancelled.
We do appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience. The flood we had was the worst one yet, and the fields have taken quite some time to dry out. Given the amount of damage across the Penrith area it is taking Council time to fix things up as well. Hopefully we can get back underway shortly and finish the competition off.