2020 State Cup Rep Team Trials

The 2020 NSW Oztag State Cup will be held at Coffs Harbour on 28/29/30th March 2020. Penrith Oztag will be sending teams to the tournament once again. All eligible players are invited to trial. All players are expected to attend trials unless you have a valid reason for not attending. It is extremely difficult for the selectors to consider a player who is not at the trials. Any player who cannot attend the trials must send an email to penrith@oztag.com.au advising of the reason why. This must be done BEFORE trials, not on the day of trials or after trials. It is anticipated that the cost to players will be approximately $200, which covers 1 set of playing gear and player contributions. The initial $100 and order for gear will need to be made by Friday 6th December 2019. We have reduced the fee from last year by only including one set of playing gear. Options to order additional playing gear and supporter gear will also be available.


To be eligible to trial you MUST be registered in a team at Penrith Oztag for the Summer 2019/20 competition BEFORE trials commence. There is no point turning up to trial if you are not registered. Any players registered during Winter 2019, but not in Summer 2019/20, seeking an exemption from this ruling MUST contact Jamie Howard BEFORE trials with their request.
We will send teams for all divisions, if there are players to fill each team and a coach is appointed.


Trials will be held on Sunday 10th November as follows:
  • 1.30pm – Men’s Opens, Ladies Opens, Men’s 45’s, Men’s 40′
  • 3.00pm – Men’s 20’s, Ladies 20’s, Ladies 30’s, Men’s 30’s
  • 4.30pm – Mixed Opens, Ladies 40’s
  • 6.00pm – Mixed 20’s, Senior Mixed
Based on feedback from last years trials we have structured trials this way so that players can trial for multiple teams. Players trialling for multiple teams MUST indicate their preferred team by the end of trials on Sunday 10th November. This preference is final and cannot be changed after teams have been selected.
Second and third trials will be held on the following Sundays (17th and 24th) if deemed necessary.


Anyone interested in applying to coach a team is asked to complete the application form at https://forms.gle/kDLg6hKHfoto79gQ7 before Friday 18th October. If a coach is not appointed to a team by this date, then trials will not be held for that teams and it will not be entered.
  • Men’s Opens – VACANT
  • Men’s Opens – 2nd Team (only if sufficient players trialling to fill 2nd team) – VACANT
  • Men’s 20’s – VACANT
  • Men’s 20’s – 2nd Team (only if sufficient players trialling to fill 2nd team) – VACANT
  • Ladies Opens – VACANT
  • Ladies Opens – 2nd Team (only if sufficient players trialling to fill 2nd team) – VACANT
  • Ladies 20’s – VACANT
  • Ladies 30’s – VACANT
  • Ladies 40’s – VACANT
  • Mixed Opens – Adel Hage
  • Mixed 20’s – VACANT
  • Senior Mixed – Jarrod Mostowik
  • Men’s 30’s – VACANT
  • Men’s 40’s – VACANT
  • Men’s 45’s – Peter Cruzado
Any questions please don’t hesitate to PM or see Jamie Howard at the fields.