Penrith Oztag offers the following competitions:

  • Tuesday evening – Mixed
  • Wednesday evening – Mixed
  • Thursday evening – Men’s

To register and play in one of our competitions you must have turned 15 years of age. Mixed teams play. generally, with 4 male and 4 female players on the field.  You can never have more then 4 males on the field at any time. All games are played at The Kinsgway playing fields, The Kinsgway, St Marys Game times rotate each week, with timeslots of 7.00pm, 7.50pm, 8.40pm and if necessary, during summer competitions, 9.30pm. For details of how to register in one of our competitions please see our Registration page., or select on of the links above to register online.  If you are registering a team select the top link, if you are not in a team and would like us to try to find you a team please use the link for the night you wish to play.


Registration Documents

If you are registering your team or as a player online, you do not need to complete any of the paperwork below.

Should you have any queries or questions please do not to hesitate to contact us on 0421448158 or